Property Due Diligence and Set Up

Property due diligence and set up are critical steps to creating a successful flooring program. We complete seaming diagrams and take-offs for each floor plan prior to starting work on any property. In addition, we complete a Detailed Property Questionnaire with the onsite staff to guarantee our complete knowledge of their expectations and requirements.

Prepare Detailed Quotes and Scope of Work for Each Floor Plan

Property staff receive a detailed Quote of each floor plan including yardage, qualities, and complete pricing. Properties will always know exactly what each unit type will cost making it easier to create Purchase Orders and Manager Budgets. Clear pricing also reduces unnecessary activity in the accounting phase.

Our Technicians are All NAF Employees

Each and every one of our flooring technicians is a NAF employee. We use no subcontracted labor. This enables us to be the most hands-on as possible and creates the right environment to provide the highest and most consistent level of service. They receive monthly training on how to increase their level of service to the onsite staff.

Accounting Interaction and Systems

We know how important it is to provide excellent service all the way through the process which is why we make certain that we follow all accounting and billing guidelines of our customers. We offer three different ways of delivering invoices. Our Installers can deliver at the time of install, we can send via email or by US Mail. We guarantee that all invoices not delivered with be sent the following day.