6 Strategies for Reducing
Your Flooring Costs

Prepared by National Apartment Flooring, Richard Berle


Here is a list of proven best practices to reduce costs and achieve the highest amount of value for your flooring purchases.

# 1 – Conduct a Flooring Product Inventory by Property
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● Knowing what each of your properties is buying and at what price is the starting point to reduce costs

● We have created the attached “Flooring Product Inventory by Property” designed for you to send directly to your properties.

● This form is designed to give you a way to organize the data and make it easier to find areas of improvement.

You can find this survey on our website here.


# 2 – Evaluate Your Specifications

● Now is a good time to review opportunities to value engineer your flooring specifications to reduce your cost while maintaining a high level of performance.

● Ask your flooring provider or NAF for recommendations on alternative products that can help you accomplish your financial goals.

NAF can provide you with detailed comparisons between your current products and possible alternatives.


# 3 - Consolidate Your Purchases

● Companies that have not consolidated their purchasing power and negotiated a select number of products pay considerably more for their flooring.

● We can provide you a step by step RFP process that will enable you to consolidate your flooring purchases and maintain control of what is going into your apartments.

● The more decentralized your flooring purchasing decisions are, the more you will pay for flooring.


# 4 - Install Plank Wherever and Whenever Possible

● The cost of plank has been dropping steadily and is more achievable than ever before.

● Residents prefer it and are more likely to lease units with plank.

● In the new COVID realty, residents are going to be looking for the safest and healthiest environment to live in. Plank, unlike carpet, does not hide or accumulate anything that could be perceived as unhealthy.

● Once you install plank, you will not have to replace a full unit of flooring again for a very long time.


# 5 - Negotiate

● Bidding and evaluating flooring prices can be very complicated.

● We have created an easy way for you to compare flooring prices to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

● Our Estimating Process is completed in 3 days and requires minimal contact with your office or site staff

NAF can provide you with a detailed pricing sheet that shows you what is the cost of each unit type in your property. The NAF Price Grid makes comparing prices fast and easy. NAF will continue to donate $100.00 to FeedingAmerica.org for every new bid opportunity it receives


# 6 - Become Your Company’s Flooring Expert/Hero

● Today, more than ever, we are being asked to reduce cost, and there are few costs larger than flooring.

● By implementing these strategies, we can make you your company’s flooring expert.

● Our mission is to provide you with unbiased information so that you can make the best decisions possible.



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